Elect Jim Gurr

Northern Michigan is too much a part of my life to allow it to be sold to the highest bidders in Lansing.

Our current State Senator serves many masters, but unfortunately not the voters in the 37th State Senate District.  This is unfortunate, and sadly typical of those who hold power of office to be more important than the needs of the people they serve.

The needs of Northern Michigan can only be best met by someone who would not (as the current State Senator has done) :

  • Promote expensive and constitutionally prohibited legislation such as Red Light Cameras
  • Promote impossible-to-verify electronic voting  that threaten the integrity of our elections
  • Raise fuel taxes the disproportionately affects our region, lower income workers, and struggling families
  • Raise the cost of insurance, by holding the MCCA accountable for the Billions of dollars held in secret escrow
  • Raise the cost of vehicle registration by 40%
  • Allow more private property to be transferred to the state, which puts poorer communities in the position of having to raise taxes because of lost property revenues
  • Vote to essentially DOUBLE the state stipend to Detroit schools which continue to be mismanaged, and cause our other districts to be short changed
  • Continues to support the MEDC, which has lost our state Billions, which rewards political supporters and payola schemes.
  • Cozies up to the anti private property left regularly, suppressing our land use rights.

It needs to be said, that our political system is not exactly free of corruption.

I cannot speak to the intent of the current office holder, as many have the best of intentions for end results, yet fail to follow a path of integrity.  However, even the softest of corrosive forces in election and policy crafting processes can damage our ability to earn, live, and thrive.

Our communities deserve so much better than what we have had to endure, and it is my hope that I can make the case it is not too late.

Thank you.